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Finding the best outfits for you & your furry friend can be both challenging and fun. How do you sum up all your ideas & vision in just one garment? Francesca Castellano may be the answer.

Lady Fashionstas

Womeswear & Dogswear Haute Couture by Francesca Castellano



Truth is, you really can’t go wrong with the timeless items, the ones that represents you best & are quite versatile to wear for various events. Embody the mundane-chic lifestyle by choosing Francesca Castellano Couture. Vanitas and “Les Follies”, two stunning collections designed to make you glow.

Futuristic glam abounds at Francesca’s fashion studio in London. The finest fabrics are carefully selected for each piece of design in order to fulfill the designer’s ageless vision. A deep desire of permanence is reflected in every single sketch. Lavish garments that match well thought-out color schemes in order to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. A digital friendly bespoke service is available for those who are seeking for more custom-made clothing items.

Immerse yourself into a complete fashion dream offered by Francesca Castellano’s gifted team of designers. Discover the power of a well-orchestred outfit that shows everything you believe in/ are.
Fashion Design

The Moon Blue Dress Sketch

Dog Coats

    Bandana Dogswear Sketch



The Italian Couturier dedicates a whole luxury dogswear collection to our furry babies. Francesca embraces sustainability and makes sure that every single item of this line is made of lefteovers from the womenswear collections. “Everyone wants their four-legged friend to be pampered”, Francesca says. Yet now as much as ever, her mission is to make everyone glow. “I want to put my energy and focus in projects I believe in, and the dogswear line is not only another haute-couture dream, but a sign of appreciation for our loyal furry friends”.





Throughout the years, Francesca Castellano brand conqured the fashion stage worlwide, amazing creations of “Les Follies” collection were featured at the Maybelline show in Berlin.

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    What a wonderful blend of fashion and fun! Francesca Castellano’s Double Glam collection effortlessly combines haute couture for both women and their furry friends. The attention to detail, sustainability through the use of leftover fabrics, and the bespoke service are truly impressive. This unique approach ensures that both you and your pet can look stylish and chic together. Truly inspiring!

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