Get in touch with us via email at castellanofrancesca1990@gmail.com or by simply filling out the form below. Please give us as much detail as possible to allow us to get a complete idea of what you desire. The colour scheme, theme, event, style, all this should be included. Also, leave your name, digs name and telephone number. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your ideas in more depth and schedule an appointment. 

first consultation

At this meeting, we will get a chance to get to know you and your dog more while further discussing what your ideas are in great detail. From this, we will present to you our proposal, including sketches, fabric samples and finishing details. At this stage, we will inform you about pricing. Feel free to bring your fabric, sketches or photos with you to help us help you.

designing your bespoke piece

We will remain in constant contact via email. We will send you the final sketch design. We will continue to make adjustments until you are happy with the design, fabrics, and extra details of your dog's bespoke garment. Then the construction stage will begin.

We at Francesca Castellano create all our bespoke designs and patterns in house. Our pieces are handled by or high-skilled experienced designers and also Francesca Castellano herself. Thus, creating for you a garment with incredible care for detail and, assuring that the garment passes your expectations.


Once complete, your dog's uniquely luxury tailor-made garment will be delivered right to your doorstep- in a stylish box.

Signed by Francesca Castellano.