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The most important thing for Francesca, when she started to design, was to make women feel unique. The talented Italian couturier, treasured among famous designers, is in a continuos search of contemporary ways to bring fashion to a timeless extent.

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Fashion Editorial by Francesca Castellano





Her original Italian “roots” story that traces the evolution of style over the many past years & her recent career path in avant-garde places like London and Berlin, are “translated” today into two ageless collections: “Les Follies” & “Vanitas”

These days, you’ll find Francesca creating in her eclectic studio in London. Her time stays tight: her focus is not only on the womenswear, but also on dogswear- she is the pioneer when it comes to turning the dogswear into a luxury matter. Yet on a brief coffee break, she took the time to tell more about her timeless vision- a fashion designer of starling modernity- to the history, views, and culture of her Italian childhood.

“When I decided to pursue a career in fashion, I didn’t want to be labeled as just a designer from Italy, which in this industry tends to already to position you in a certain style category, I wanted to feel free to create beyond any cultural barriers, to communicate my timeless vision and a dissimilar style, which, of course, respects my Italian origins, but at the same time reflects a higher foresight,  a gateway to a macro universe open to all...”

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Francesca herself, while creating, in her studio, London 2022

Luxury Clothing

        Vanitas A/W Collection by Francesca Castellano


Also, a bespoke service is part of Francesca’s luxury clothing brand. A service dedicated to worldwide fashionstas/ladies who seek relief from the trends and are eager to express their inner self through brand clothes that are ageless. The bespoke service is inspired by a notorious desire of newness of Francesca herself, a newness that will stays always modern, a moment of permanent contemporaneity stolen from time.

Style for a couturier may evolve in an almost intimate imaginative manner, exposing part of your innermost through appealing couture pieces. The inspiration you take it from everywhere and everyone, as long as you are open, you create. Each fashion line is a legacy, a priceless heritage of everything that you’ve been experienced.

A bespoke service is always a challenge, from the original sketch, deluxe fabrics, perfect fitting to the final haute couture pieces, the fashion designer gives it all to tell your personal story in the most fashionable way.





A collection of work featured in magazines such as Vogue Italia, where allure is the “secret” that represents best Castellano’s style.


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