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As winner of the “Tomorrow’s Talent” international competition, Francesca’s ethos comes to life through a capsule collection which is filled with dreamy prints and poetry for a journey back to stillness, along with FatFace Uk.

FatFace Clothes

Francesca Castellano herself Fashion Editorial in an idyllic garden in the South of England


“A Sunday morning, with a white soft light entering the window of a tiny coffee shop. A young beautiful woman is silently reading her book, while her matcha latte is getting cooler. A soft but colorful scarf frames her face perfectly, enhancing her femininity”- this is what Francesca envisioned when she accepted the challenge to design a print, capturing the essence of British nature and the beautiful British gardens on a summer’s day. 

The Italian Couturier had a worthwhile goal for this delicate capsule collection: for it to enhance the feminity of each single lady that will wear it. So particular was the design objective, in fact, every following step of the creation process revolved around it. A modern but poetic look that could elevate every woman’s summer look.



FatFace Uk

Prince’s Trust Floral Tote Bag

FatFace London

    Prince's Trust Graphic T-Shirt




The visual likeness of the FaceFat clothing pieces inspired the design of the charming items brought to life by Francesca. The “Prince’s Trust Floral Tote Bag'' and the “Prince’s Trust Floral Bee Print Scarf”, are now available online and in selected FatFace stores. The names were carefully chosen and they are perfectly aligned with the FatFace London/ British quintessence. “Then there’s the fabric- a poetry itself, soothing to the touch. Nothing is more delicate than floral motifs” – Francesca says.





A special thanks goes to the @Princestrust and @fatface for all the support and care shown during the entire creation and production process. A capsule fashion collection that honors the contemporary women needs of nurturing their moments/ of nurturing their innermost in today’s hectic world.


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