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Luxury Womenswear designer Francesca Castellano was born in the South of Italy, where she grew up with an instinctive sense of style and obsessive love for everything that shines. 

She studied Economics and Business Management in her hometown, Taranto, where she additionally managed two different Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs. 

At the age of 21, she decided to listen to her inner voice instead of her fears when she moved to Berlin. Here she graduated from the prestigious International University of Arts for Fashion:  ESMOD. During her studies, she completed two internship positions: first in Milano, then in NYC, and finally, she completed a semester abroad in Paris, where she experimented with new techniques and greatly improved her professional skills.  

In early 2018 Francesca Castellano launched her namesake label.

Immediately, she captured the attention of high profile photographers and stylists: her unique designs have been featured in magazines such as Marie Claire Hong Kong, Ellements, Ay Magazine, HuF Magazine, PROMO and many more.

The brand of Francesca Castellano is the product of a dream in which its creator truly believed. 

Focusing on making every woman feel unique and fabulous, Francesca creates high-end fashion collections where precious details and luxury elements are combined perfectly. She plays with asymmetrical cuts, innovative textures and opulent embellishments. 

Her universe is feminine, strong, luxurious, and exclusive.

Additionally, Francesca has developed a capsule collection of outstanding and eye-catching tights and socks. 

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"All of my designs are constructed to enhance a woman's body, with a distinctive aesthetic and superb finishing qualities.” This is what Francesca states personally regarding her designs. 

By bringing the world renown concept of “Made in Italy” to a new level of modernity and consciousness, Francesca’s main goal is to take her collection to the German fashion scene and beyond. Her Italian roots are a key element in each of her collections and this fine attention to detail and craftsmanship distinguishes her from other new and emerging designers. 

The quality of her garments is produced through this old and incalculable heritage being combined with metropolitan and luxury influences. The knowledge and techniques that were perfected during her experiences in Paris and in New York ensure that this blend of influences is expressed flawlessly in each piece Francesca creates.

Ambition has always been Francesca’s innate, driving force and this has brought her from her small hometown to the cosmopolitan metropolis of Berlin. Her vision goes beyond fashion: for Francesca, fashion is a way to express her own creativity and the vision of a powerful and unique woman. 

It is her tool to inspire the World.