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Crystal blue water, desert white beaches, epic summer outfits- i.e. the perfect setting for a vogueish summertime. Indulge in luxurious designs by Framcesca Castellano.

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A long-standing commitment of both uniqueness & sustainability, a deep call of empowering women worlwide- these are the main values that are at the core of Francesca Castellano haute-couture brand. Innovative collections reflecting the idea that fashion is a way to show one’s innermost & personality. Within this “dialogue”, Francesca’s couture “masterpieces” can be worn in infinite ways, whether as a way of showing up & steal the show at some of the most prestigious summer events, or as a mean of reavealing one’s true self. A bespoke service available in order to satisfy even the most “transcendental” tastes & make your imagination come to life.

The “Eclairs” jumpsuit, might be perfect for a summer gala night; deep v-neck, pink colour, flare-leg, featuring a matching shoulder strap, back zip fastening is hidden in the seam- these are some of the dreamy details of this fashion masterpiece.

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Eclectic colours and the intensity of the designer’s fashion vison captured in an innovative collection aiming to create a timeless look for each woman that dares to step into a lively summer dream & not only. Amazing designs where the line between classic & alla avant-garde is the perfect fine transition between the past, the present & the future. A womenwear line that allows all the contemporary ladies to be playful in expressing themselves into the hot season.

For a summer goddess look, the “Eclairs” blouse encourages to show your personality in a delicate & spontaneous manner. This fashion piece is a celebration of summertime youth euphoria. High round neck, ¾ sleeves, crop top, fastens in the back with opening and matching bow- these are some of the amazing product details.





And for an overflow of haute-couture, make sure you take a closer look to the creative editorial that is featuring Francesca Castelanno in the Eluxe Magazine.


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