Gleaming, feathery, and splendid! Now that's a Francesca Castellano signature. Watch our campaigns and see for yourself.

Behind The Scenes of "Les Follies" Collection

A reportage of all the important moments and journey behind the accomplishment of "Les Follies" Collection 2019 captured through the lens of the talentedĀ Kristina Shyla.

Making of "Les Follies" Video Campaign

Behind the scenes of the lookbook and video campaign of ''Les FollieS'' S/S 2019. directed by the talented Marharyta Romanova.

Pink It Up!

This isĀ the video Campaign for the new Haute Couture Collection for dogs by Francesca Castellano. Beautifully shot in Berlin White&Roses and directed by the talented Rosie Hill.

Pink Feather Blazer

It's all about the rhythm in motion. This campaign takes us into the quality of garment we produce at Francesca Castellano. This vision is produced by ACT STUDIO Berlin directed by the talentedĀ Miguel Maldonato.


Showcasing our deluxe evening wear collection and the way it moves and flatters a woman's figure. "Opulence" is a creation of ACT STUDIO Berlin with the direction of the talented Miguel Maldonato.


A closer look into the dark shades of the "Les Follies" collection with an intricate features on our signature evening wear. A vision in motion created with the OGAMIFAM.


BRIGHT is directed by Entropy.Collective featuring the original designs from Francesca Castellano. Her collection have been selected for the Istanbul Fashion Film Festival 2018.