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Shiny is definitely one way to describe Francesca Castellano’s high-end dogswear collection/vision, and the internet is the real game changer when it comes to dog accessories including bandanas for fashion designers worldwide.

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Giving fashion designers like Francesca the chance to present their work to an International  audience, while engaging with an online community that have one major thing in common- the LOVE FOR DOGSWEAR couture is crucial nowadays. Dogswear fashion is much about dog accessories; puppy collars, doggie bandanas and dog scarfs are among the most popular dog accessories worldwide.

The Italian couturier sees dogswear fashion as an extraordinary way to bring a bit of magic into our furry babies life. It doesn’t matter what breed of dog your “baby” is, what size he/ she is- if you need a bespoke garment for your little friend, a dedicated team of designers is at your disposal. For Francesca, one-of-a- kind fashion pieces are the best way of expressing one’s personality. Even if you go for a simple walk at the park with your puppy, wearing  Francesca Castellano, feels always vogueish. And of all the avant-garde “dog stuff” which Francesca created, the star of the luxury collection of puppies is the bandana.




When it comes to puppy accessories, Francesca has a more special bond with the dog bandana because this is where her story began as a pioneer in luxury fashion for dogs. Starting a dog’s wear line was both daring and an innovative idea, and people close to the young designer encouraged Francesca to turn her “transcendental” vision into reality. That’s how a dazzling collection of haute-couture for dogs was born.

“Miss Pinky”, “Shine Bright like a Diamond” and “Flashes Party” are just few of the many bandana’s daring designs available on the Francesca Castellano web-based boutique. If you are seeking for a special outfit for your puppy, taking a closer look at the designer’s high-end creations might literally mesmerize you. Also,  Francesca Castellano online store may become your favourite shop for dogs.


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The London-based fashion designer revolutionized the dogswear fashion world with her glam & playful puppies bandanas in the UK. A haute-couture dream dedicated exclusively to our four-legged friends by Francesca Castellano as featured in the DFB Magazine.