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In an age that favors/ requests an active online presence, there is a reassuring demonstration that Italian fashion will keep its authenticity. Take a virtual journey into Castellano’s world- a glamorous ode to the high-end online clothes, a visual delight of timeless designer products.



“We want everything to be online!” says Francesca Castellano. And what better way to connect with the luxury fashion lovers worldwide than through an iconic online clothing store. A digital space of modern “vitrines” featuring exquisite designer pieces for both women and dogs. In her own vogueish world, Francesca puts a spotlight on the bespoke- an Italian brand that prides itself with the highest quality of craftsmanship. Each fashion collection is a muse- a prodigious expression of contemporay personalities willing to be different. “Les Follies” & “Vanitas”- the two collections available on the talented designer’s website are real fashion narratives which highlight how fashion has changed over time, making its way into the new digital age, without altering its origins.

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It’s no secret that Francesca’s work resonates not only across cultures, but across time. For Francesca, high-end fashion can also “be” in a more customized way based totally on your personal story, a story to be remembered. Many are likely to be moved by Castellano’s luxurious fashion creations; only premium materials for both womenswear and dogswear are used. A brand where sustainability matters and that produces limited edition and one of a kind garments that contain high-end embellishments. An online visit to the designer’s boutique might be a good idea if you are eager to know more about the artisanal method of production of each garment signed by Francesca Castellano. It’s all about the love in every step of the process from customer care to packaging.



And for those who are seeking to vogue soon and are already thinking what to wear when the world will be opened up again. Francesca Castellano limited edition dress for HUF Magazine might be a great source of inspiration.


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