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With lusciousness in your DNA and beaucoup couture brands accesible, it seems facile to become a fashionista lady; yet, for a real metamorphosis, there’s a whole process behind. So where do we start? Revealing haute couture & bespoke significant may be a great starting point.


         What does couture mean?

Define what couture is for you. Try not to worry about trends & vogues. Instead think of a style that might mirror best your innermost.  Being authentic will surely bring you  infinite recognition, your chicness will stand out and therefore you will get a distinguished place in the spotlight.

Francesca Castellano brand represents the dream of “haute couture” of an Italian-made young fashion designer, based in London, who through her “savoire faire” and timeless collections makes a permanent  promise of authenticity, for all those who desire to shine and explore their identity on their own red carpet, and not only!   

Bespoke meaning
Couture Fashion

What does bespoke mean?

When your vision meets reality- that’s BESPOKE.

Not only an exclusive service, but an unique experience carefully designed in order to make your day to day fashion dreams/stories alive. Bespoke tailoring by Francesca Castellano is addressed to customers worlwide who seek to be modish. 

Having graduated from the International University of Arts for Fashion- ESMOD, in Berlin- a city standing for its non-conformist high spirit in terms of couture- Francesca, understood the need for uniqueness of contemporary society. Lead by the desire of expanding her vision globally, the designer moved from the German catwalks to an exquisite British atelier de mode.

 “It’s about garments that speak!” says Francesca.

 Tailor-made clothes can say things that words can’t express, evoke a state of mind, arouse an emotion or leave you stunned. It’s prodigious to think of the simple power of bespoke. Next time, when you have a mundane event, go for one-of-a- kind, custom-made, deluxe creation and let yourself be guided by Castellano’s high-skilled experienced designers.



A high-end brand that decided to actively embrace the digital world in order to maintain an open dialogue with its customers worldwide. At only one click distance, Francesca Castellano, keeps breaking all boundaries, and she’s happy to connect and dress people according to their “privé story/sketch” no matter where they live.

P.S. The brand is known also for its luxurious bespoke dogswear collection. The upcoming blog post is all about bespoke and most iconic garments in terms of dogswear couture. Make sure you read it!



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