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 Through her far-sighted “fashion”, Francescca Castellano pushed dogswear style toward luxury, innovation, and sustainability.  Get ready for a “promiscuous” dog’s world where dog clothes are dazzling.



All fashion designers take inspiration from their day-to-day life stories, and so did Francesca, when she decided to create a festive luxurious garment with Swarovski embellishments  for Bella- the beloved Chihuahua of her friends;  what came as a spontaneous thought to surprise her peers with a special gift on Christmas turned soon into a whole high-end canine collection . Her ultra-futuristic vision made her one of the first in the competitive fashion industry to re-design & revolutionize the dogswear style through the touch of luxury.

Motivated by the concept of timeless clothing pieces, and indeed, her collections do not follow trends, Francesca focus was mainly on producing one-of-a-kind haute-couture items both for women & dogs.  As well, high-end fashion goes hand-in-hand with sustainability, and therefore,  the entire dogswear fashion line is made from deadstocks and leftovers from womenswear collection.

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Bespoke tailoring for dogs is mainstream at the London atelier of Italian couturier, Francesca Castellano, high-quality fabrics are as much a part of the design story as the innovative glamourous sketches. Despite the fact that the fabrics are so pleasant to work with- and in a manner it is both fabulous & rewarding to deal with leftovers pieces rather than to “support” waste and use  brand new textiles- Castellano’s skilled squad of designers are facing some meaningful challenges.

The many different mixed breed dogs type of silhouettes extend the entire bespoke tailoring process to almost two weeks- a time frame much needed in order to obtain an oustanding premium product.

Making adjustments until the customers are pleased with the design, fabrics, and extra details of their dog's bespoke garment is part of Castellano’s brand philosophy.



With exquisite garments including contemporary dog hoodies, cute dog bandanas, fancy dog jumpers and much more meteoric dog accessories, Francesca Castellano steals the show when it comes to canine couture worldwide, an avant-garde designer who rewrites the story of dogswear  fashion, turning it into a matter of luxury. 

P.S.  And if you want know more & “take” a walk into a dog’s luxury closet/ world, make sure you read the marvellous article written by DFB Magazine in Italian, the mother tongue of Francesca.



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