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With a focus on luxury sustainability, it was a truly stellar year for the Italian brand Francesca.


As a brand that is constantly seeking for new opportunities to thrive & grow, in 2022, the good news started right from the beginning of the year for the Francesca Castellano brand, which as the winner of "Tomorrow's Talent", in collaboration with Fat Face, gave life to a marvellous capsule collection.

The Prince's Trust, an organization founded in 1976 by King Charles III (then the Prince of Wales) with the goal of supporting young people in the UK, assisted in the realization of this lovely project.

Francesca was given the task of creating a print that perfectly captured British nature and the splendor of British gardens on a summer's day.

The Italian couturier wanted to design a contemporary yet poetic motif that could elevate every woman’s summer look.

Francesca envisioned a Sunday morning, with a white soft light entering the window of a tiny coffee shop.

A young beautiful woman is silently reading her book as as her matcha latte cools. Her face is elegantly framed by a delicate but vibrant scarf, highlighting her femininity.

"Prince's Trust Floral Tote Bag" and the "Prince's Trust Floral Bee Print Scarf" are two sublime pieces that belong to this collection.



Designer brand clothing“Prince’s Trust Floral Tote Bag”
Luxury sustainablity
Francesca Castellano & The Team, in front of the Pop-Up Shop, Regent Street, London

LONDON MADE ME                                    

And just as 2022 got off to a great start, it ended with a note worthy endeavour that culminated in the opening of the first Pop-Up Store for the Francesca Castellano brand.

London Made Me, a creative retail accelerator on a mission to fill vacant spaces on the city's high streets and assist 14 creative businesses at the same time, was definitely  "not just another pop-up shop."

We are bringing the Castellano selling experience to life in a completely new way” said Francesca Castellano, the Founder and Fashion Designer of FRANCESCA CASTELLANO COUTURE about this opportunity.

Our hope is that people who visit our pop-up will see just how both contemporary and timeless Castellano’s items are, and walk away inspired to wear something customised & of the highest quality

In the immersive zone of the "London Made Me" Pop-Up Shop, which was devoted to the Castellano brand among other wonderful brands, visitors were able to engage with and touch rare design pieces from the womenswear, dogswear, and sockswear fashion lines.

The Greater London Authority members, "London Made Me" organisers, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Deputy Mayor of Culture and Creative Industries Justin Simon, and 13 other great creatives all  contributed to making this initiative a reality.

Francesca Castellano is more than simply couture brand; it is the dream come true of a young designer, a dream in which luxury is always sustainable, dogs are as glam as it gets, and women are free to express their personality, to show themselves exactly as they are.



And if you're interested in learning more about the brand's history thus far, we advise you to read the  numerous online editorials, including the one in Vogue Italia.