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Castellano Bridal, a dream come true and a declaration of authenticity of contemporary avant-garde brides.



Francesca Castellano, the promising Italian fashion designer, continues to wow after creating stunning  haute-couture collections for both women and canines. This year, she is focusing on bridal wear.

The wedding day is unquestionably a time of great excitement and responsibility; family members and close friends have frequently asked Francesca to create a unique, bespoke ceremony attire based on both their vision & personality. Every time this occurred, Francesca accepted the honor and the opportunity to design these extraordinarily sublime garments with great heart.

Brides must be timeless- must make an important and unforgettable appearance, for a lifetime!” says Francesca.

The young couturier began creating stunning designs with this concept in mind, which eventually gave rise to a complete collection of designer bridal gowns that will be released soon.

Francesca did not want to be yet another bridal designer, this collection is, in fact, a crowning of all the mixed emotions that the young designer perceived from the various brides: courage in expressing one's own identity, elation at experiencing a long-awaited moment, and assurance in a bright and promising future.


Wedding Dress Brand
Bridal Sketch by Francesca Castellano
Designer Bridal Dress

Wedding Dress Sketch by Francesca Castellano



Every person's life narrative is unique, and Francesca draws inspiration from these differences whenever she is creating a new sketch for a bridal outfit. Every little thing counts, and Francesca admits that she places a special attention on not only the wedding dress, which is the star of the bridal collection, but also on other items like stockings and socks for a complete and powerful effect.

Francesca is passionate about researching sustainable fabrics that must be chosen to measure, mold exactly to the bride's style, but also blend perfectly with the environment in which the event will take place. As a result, it is crucial that she learns/takes into account specifics about the venue where the wedding will take place.

Keep an eye on the brand’s digital platforms if your lifestyle values of originality, sustainability, and timelessness align with Francesca's vision so that you can be among the first to experience the brand's upcoming bridal line.

Bridal socks

“Silver Moon” Bridal Socks