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From London in style, Francesca Castellano dazzles with a cutting-edge haute-couture collection for dogs.
Doggy Jackets
Dogswear by Francesca Castellano


What is happening to the well-known dogs' clothing trend?

Like so many other dog owners, we all have serious concerns about the attire of your beloved furry babies . We are worried for a variety of reasons, including the fact that we want them to be well-dressed and to wear high-quality, sustainably produced clothing.

These issues are very important to the Italian designer Francesca Castellano, and she has always wished to create a contemporary, luxurious dog fashion line that is founded on sustainability; a widespread fashion trend for glam canine attire.

To the delight of everyone interested in variousMade in UK” dog coats and more, Francesca Castellano spent a lot of time in her London fashion atelier working continuously on a completely and absolutely glam collection.

This ideal has come true, and the Italian designer Francesca is now unquestionably a pioneer of opulent canine fashion after successfully bringing about a significant transformation in the industry.

With this new style, canine attire has never been more stylish/ glam.

Dog coat pattern  


Dogswear Sketch

Dog coat colors“Shine Bright like a Diamond” Black Bandana

Francesca Castellano ensures that canine clothing patterns are current with today's lifestyles.

A canine line of high-end bandanas, shirts, skirts, and jackets.

Among the collection's top items are doubtlessly: "Welcome to the Glittery" Hood and "Shine Bright like a Diamond" Black Bandana.

Your puppy will look absolutely adorable in this hooded coat thanks to the glittering adorned fabric, short sleeves, and ribbon closure in the front. Additionally, it is simple to put on and the glitter isquite shiny.

Also, the bandana is likely to be one of your favorites.

Its color, sparkle, fabric quality, and Black Swarovski Rhinestones will probably make you fall in love.



Keep an eye out for editorials in international publications like Marie Claire HK if you want to learn more about this innovative brand that never ceases to wow with its dog and women's collections as well as its upcoming bridal line.