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“London Made Me” Pop-Up Shop featuring FRANCESCA CASTELLANO COUTURE is here. A new glamorous place as an ode to the contemporary haute-couture designer brands.

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A gathering of talents- there is no other way to accurately describe it- the Pop-Up Shop suggests that a bunch of amazing of creatives are wisely placed under the same spotlight in order to produce a very special moment for all visitors that are seeking for a unique clothing stores experience.

“London Made Me” Pop-Up shop is showcasing 14 of the city’s most exciting artists, designers and makers.

Every single corner of the up to minute “clothes shop” leads the eye to look for the prime haute couture pieces that are worth leaving the shopping online quotidian habit.

Rather than browsing clothing websites, visit the Pop-Up shop that will be located in the innermost part of London, England (59-61 Regent Street, W1B 4DY). The in-person storefront will be open for a limited time, beginning November 16, 2022 through November 27, 2022.

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Francesca Castellano among other artists, designers & makers, Pop-Up Shop, London

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  “Yes, I am the Sleeping Beauty” by Francesca Castellano



The Italian made brand, Francesca Castellano is ready to bring the online selling experience to life through the limited-time “London Made Me” Pop-Up Shop.

“We are bringing the Castellano selling experience to life in a completely new way” said Francesca Castellano, the Founder and Fashion Designer of FRANCESCA CASTELLANO COUTURE. Our hope is that people who visit our pop-up will see just how both contemporary and timeless Castellano's items are, and walk away inspired to wear something customized  & of the highest quality.

Castellano's goal is centered on "reimagining leftovers".

Everybody wins if these pieces can find a new life with a dogswear haute couture collection made solely from these reminescent fabrics, according to the principle of sustainability that guides FRANCESCA CASTELLANO COUTURE- leftovers from the womenswear lines still have worth.

Visitors will be able to interact with and touch exclusive design pieces from the womenswear, dogswear, and sockswear fashion lines in the immersive zone of the “London Made Me” Pop-Up Shop, which is dedicated to the Castellano brand (among other wonderful brands).


After being part of the “London Made Me” Pop-Up Shop opening soon, Francesca Castellano Couture is expected to expand around the world offering some of the most avant-garde fashion collections including an upcoming bridal line.


Due to its uniqueness, it might be that this pop-up to be recognized as one of the best pop-up shops in 2022.


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