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During the Christmas season, among the food and gifts, it’s usually the outfits that get all the attention. Get ready to glow in one-of-a-kind pieces that Francesca Castellano has signed.

Designer Xmas Dress    


Stepping out London City (and not only!) wearing an avant-garde dress for the New Year’s Eve, itwill definitely make you look very chic. If it's also dark shiny blue as the CINDERELLA red carpet  dress by Francesca Castellano, there's no doubt that you won't go unnoticed. A delightful piece with exquisite details such as: alluring one-shoulder design, two deep side cuts & zipper back fastening. This might the perfect evening designer dress with a touch of very confident and lavish glitter.

Designer New Year’s Eve Dress

“Cinderella” red carpet dress

Designer Holiday Dress

“Crystal Nymph” dress


Also, the CRYSTAL NYMPH long dress is definitely an eye stopper, with a seductive see-through lace effect, in white colour, elegant long sleeves, hand-made details of Swarovski crystals & zipper back fastening. A quite extravagant piece, but in a sophisticated way. You are likely to feel elegant  when wearing this dress and the fabric is one-of-a-kind.


For a special evening during wintertime wearing the very elegant SNOWFLAKES bomber jacket might be perfect; in white colour, with amazing hand details on sleeves and back, hand-sewn feathers and swarovski crystals, contemporary long voluminous sleeves & front zipper. It is perfect for the holiday season, the reflection of the crystals are likely to remind you of snowflakes

Designer Christmas Outfit

“Snowflakes” bomber jacket


Designer Socks

   “Crystal Gift” high-knee socks           


While there are many clothes and gowns to choose from during the holiday season, it is encouraging  to see that Italian Couturier continues to place a special emphasis on accessories with a stunning assortment of socks and stockings. You may like to wear the "CRYSTAL GIFT" high-knee socks during the Christmastime; with cosy & chic details like-the soft cotton fabric, ribbon made of Swarovski crystals & hand-tied embellishments, you are likely to fall in love with with this type of high socks.



And it would be a very excellent idea to visit the recently opened pop-up store in Regent Street if you want more ideas for the ultimate festive style for the holidays
Who knows, you might even get to meet Francesca Castellano in person if you're fortunate.



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