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“In-person” meet & learn from the Italian designer Francesca Castellano. Have any burning dream of haute-couture you’ve always wanted to fulfill? Here’s your chance to immerse in an alluring fashion design experience with the most avant-garde fashion courses online.



Why just wear your favourite luxury garments when you can gracefully design them? The way your vision can take shape  & revolutionize your personal fashion style might be inspiring. The desire to shake fabrics up, luxuriously, is a pretty compelling reason to attend the exclusive fashion course by Francesca Castellano.

The brand’s high-end  fashion course program is no less popular than the ones in most prestigious fashion schools in London. “I wanted to enroll in fashion college, but I don't want it to be so formal” maybe you thought many times. When  various fashion universities have closed their doors literally waiting for the pandemic to wrap up, Francesca did the opposite by bravely inaugurating an up-to-the-minute luxury fashion course web based. With its high-fashion campus directly from the comfort of your home, you no longer have to search for “arts college near me” with fashion specialization.

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Why should you say YES? Your inner voice might ask...

It's about expressing the depths of your creativity through fashion, because you are the one who can best give wings to your unseen vision.

Under the close & direct guidance  of the Italian couturier herself, 2 complete months of haute-couture artistry, one exciting lecture per week, an exquisite program of total 8 classes on how to create your magnetic fashion collection- in other words, an exhilarating “masterclass” that brings new meaning to the luxury fashion worldwide.

Concept,  creativity , design development  & presentation are both some of the keywords & unrevealed secrets of the fashion course core program by Francesca Castellano. The whole process of learning more about the fashion industry & customizing your wardrobe according your dreams- it’s worth a 2 month journey. 



A mindful fashion study which will “translate” into a certificate of participation in your hands,  and who knows, maybe you will be the next star of innovative fashion promoted in the high profile magazines of smart cities around the world, as happened already with Francesca who felt honoured to be showcased in Marie Claire Hong Kong.



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