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pomeranian volpino bandana for dog dog toy  Who is Tep the Pom? Let's get to know him better...His name is Teo but he also goes by CuCu, doesn't that sound cute? He is a 3 year old Pomeranian. He is smart, all about the smiles and very playful too. His mom dotes on him and she spoils him rotten. He is very attached to his family. He would spend all day to stay in his Mamma's arms.

Instagram: @teo.pom

pomeranian volpino jacket coat for dogdog volpino pomeranian dog jacket coat

In the first picture Teo is wearing a custom made personalized bandana with his name hand embroidered with pearls and swarovski crystals. He is wearing a size S bandana.

In the second picture Teo is wearing our "Rock'N'Roll Stars" jacket. He is wearing a size S bomber jacket.