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Let's get to know Pops a bit better... Little miss Pops is a rags to riches rescue queen living her best life in east London with her Mumma. 

Seven years old Pops is a proud and passionate feminist and an activist for animal welfare. She has a passion for fashion, Beyoncé and snacking. 

Instagram: @pops_sausage

sausage dog bassotto cane dog brand fashion luxury coat gold embroidery pearls swarovski gold details dog coat sausage dog In the first picture Pops is wearing a Castellano 'Cowboy Rock'n'Roll' bandana and skirt in black glossy fabric and ostrich feathers, embroidered by hand with swarovski crystals.

In the second and third pictures Pops is wearing a bespoke custom made rain coat, in waterproof gold material. Fully lined. Decorated and hand embroidered with pearls and swarovsky crystals.