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It's facile to be enchanted by the Atelier Castellano-impeccable high-end evening gowns and a sense of timelessness when it comes to luxury women’s fashion.

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“I love creating, and there’s nothing in-between, nothing anonymus, nothing that hides your personality.” Francesca Castellano said, sitting in her inviting atelier on a summer morning.

Francesca designs gracefully timeless gala dresses, she has a timeless vision. L’atelier is her “playground”, the Italian Couturier spends a lot of time choosing the finest fabrics. The design details are really important- they are exquisite, and they should give unicity to each garment. Francesca often thinks of Italy, her “Belpaese”when drawing luxury evening dresses. There’s certainly a classy Italian touch on every single sketch.

“Cinderella” red carpet dress is the fairytale that has become reality for every lady: one-shoulder design, the dark shiny blue electric colour, two deep side cuts & a zipper back fastening … are the main features of this dress, features that make it distinctive aesthetically.


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One thing that’s definitely real- every woman wants to feel herself, to freely express her personality through fashion. In terms of women designer clothing, everything that Francesca does is chic, it’s neither common or homogeneous. This is evident every time you look at her creations. There’s a timeless allure when it comes to Francesca Castellano Couture.

“Being a high-end womenswear designer is for sure a challenge. I am continuously swayed by the diversity and the desire to look unique that lies in every women. Also, there’s this strong personal belief that the petit details and personal touches make the difference.”




Make sure you step into Francesca Castellano’s World, an innovative brand among haut-couture womeswear brands. The Urban Wildflower Editorial, Elléments Magazine is featuring few of the Italian Couturier’s  transcendental creations that you might want to see.